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'The 21st century’s learning direction
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Creative and Wings pursues ‘Education of being together’.

Recognizing that each child is special and different from each other in raising and growing them in the field of education, and respecting each student’s tendency is an essential direction in education. We think a desirable education is to approach each child in a creative way to discover and bring out their potential. The learning abilities required to improve the quality of life for children today are sociality, personality, lifestyle, environmental adaptation ability, and creativity. These competencies should be acquired by children through project classes based on cognitive and non-cognitive subjects.
Mathematics is called the language of science. Education to develop mathematical creativity and mathematical power has emerged as important tasks because it can develop creativity and exert significant influence on other subjects through mathematics.
Creativity and Wings have developed into Mathematics Power Learning by creating a special educational environment through self-developed teaching materials to develop children's dreams, talents, and mathematical power. And it has already been proven to produce outcomes that instill mathematical fluency and greater confidence in students. We will create more fun programs and products that enhance creativity so that children can freely release their dreams and talents in the 21st century, and lead customized education for students who will become global leaders who will lead the 21st century.
CEO Han Sang Uk

Creative education is about ‘being together’.

It is not simply about delivering knowledge. It is about teachers giving hints and telling stories to students through questions and recommendations, so that students have the will to solve problems they face. They have infinite possibilities.
Children grow through encouragement and develop interest and concentration through curious behaviors and activities, which becomes the power to continue learning and behave correctly. Creativity and Wings is 'harmonious' education and 'practical education'. The education of Creative and Wings is 'communication education'with students.
Children, teachers, and parents look at each other’s eyes and think together. It is not a one-way learning, but a harmonious education where people think and communicate.

Creativity and Wings’s education philosophy

Education starts with playing with a joyful teacher. It's the adults who are full of a desire and greed to teach and make them learn things./
It is the teacher's biggest role to stand one step behind and find what they are interested in while observing the child's role. These days, changes in education methods are driving the future of Korea. Hands-on and practical learning in mathematics are now essential The way that students experience and try themeselves is called the creative education.


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