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About CI About CI
About CI
Creativity and Wings sincerely walk our way
to give children wings to imagination and creativity.
Creativity and Wings has made a proud history through constant challenges and constant investment. We will continue to do our best to make a better tomorrow.

About CI

About CI

Creativity and Wings’ C.I has the meaning of having wings to seeds of hope like the rising sun. Creativity is an essential element for us to live in a future society. We hope that children will develop their intelligent brains from childhood and enjoy a richer intellectual and psychological life.

We also wish to realize an unbiased education based on Confucius's teaching of talent (education of human talents and aptitudes according to the environment).

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About BI: Creativity and Wings

About BI

Elephants symbolize wealth, honor, glory, confidence, patience, justice, wisdom, and ability to learn. Just as giving wings on a heavy, naive elephant to make it fly high in the sky, we wanted to give wings to our children’s imaginations and let them live as a more creative and active being.

We hope that they will enjoy the changes in life brought by the importance of each day, the power of love, and the active attitude of life.

Creativity and Wings will sincerely walk our way to give children wings to imagination and creativity.

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