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Social contribution Social contribution
Social contribution

We continue our social responsibility
based on various sharing activities to create a better society.

Creativity and Wings started volunteer work in 2016 by establishing an in-house organization called EHS, and its mission and goal is to improve self-realization and social public interest.
EHS will make every effort to become an exemplary organization by faithfully practicing [Dreaming Class], [Overseas 1:1 Sponsorship], [Talent Donation Activities], and [Local Donation Activities].
Creativity and Wings Connection of Hope

Creativity and Wings Ele-Help School (EHS) Cambodian orphanage educational service

Creativity and Wings Ele-Help School (EHS) Cambodian elementary school educational service

All employees of Creativity and Wings have a common desire and will to develop their talents to participate in community service and spread the value of life.
Connection of Hope is to connect the organic relationship between the buyer and the headquarters through the sales activities of personality-related products, and form a platform where both consumers engage in social contribution activities and donate their talents.
Donation of children’s board games by region

Donation of 120 sets of board games to Wee Center of Jeonju Office of Education

Donation of children’s board games to Gunpo-si

Donation of children’s board games to those in self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 infection in Daegu and Gyeongbuk
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