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Educational content

“Mathematical Competency
Improvement Project”

to help children learn the curriculum


Hands-on mathematics to aid in teaching and learning


Customized curriculum for elementary mathematics


Step-by-step diagnostic evaluation results at a glance!


Developing thinking skills with debate class
Lesson forms

Board game activity

This program induces children’s interest in mathematics through games and improve strategic learning, problem solving, community and communication skills.

Discussion class and math diary

Lessons that make use of concrete objects do not require a fixed way to solve problems. So, students discuss how they solved the problems and write a math diary.

Using learning aids + learning curriculum

Based on educational policies and teaching activities suitable for the school evaluation system, we provide hands-on classes that require the use of learning materials optimized for mathematics subject.

Solving thinking problems

Students can develop their thinking ad problem-solving skills and think flexibly through various types of problems.
Age 5 Age 6 Age 7 Elementary
grade 1
grade 2
grade 3
grade 4
grade 5
grade 6
Regular course Mathematical learning
materials for exploring topics

(after-school mathematics for kindergartens)

Curriculum-based mathematics
using learning aids
Catching up
with talented students
practical mathematics
Creative thinking skills Math Alive
Developing personality
in mathematics learning
Strategic thinking and problem-solving
Exploring mathematics
with board games
Integrated special lessons on camp
Camp & jump
Step-by-step learning
Progress Steps Target age Configuration Educational course
Regular course Combi-M Age 5-7 36 main textbooks
(12 textbooks each for ages 5, 6, and 7)
This program allows children
at a young age to learn mathematical principles
using learning tools and aids and properly reflect
the spatial and number structures.
Mathtrack Elementary grade 1-4 48 main textbooks
(12 textbooks each for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4)
It is a creative activity math program
based on math curriculum.
Catching up
with talented students
Creative thinking skills
Math Alive
Elementary grade 1-6 18 main textbooks
(6 textbooks for grade 1-2,
6 textbooks for grade 3-6,
6 textbooks for grade 5-6)
Various math activities develop mathematical problem
solving skills and creativity.
Children can learn various types
of creative thinking problems.
Developing personality
in mathematics learning
B-start Age 7
– Elementary grade 2
12 main textbooks This course can develop strategic thinking
and problem-solving skills through board games,
which can inspire children's interest in math.
Camp program Camp & Jump Elementary grade 1-6 workbook grade 6
(2 textbooks for grade 1-2,
2 textbooks for grade 3-6,
2 textbooks for grade 5-6)
An integrated program that allows children
to explore the subject of each project
by convergingIoT coding and maker processes
through a special convergence camp
on weekends or school vacation.
Set of learning aids and materials

Week 1 – Intro : Getting familiar

Understanding and explaining the concept

Week 2 Solving activity questions

Curriculum learning / Problem-solving

Week 3 – Finalizing and summarizing

Integrated learning of ideas

Week 4 – Expressing core thinking skills

Expressing their thoughts and discussing with others
Example of linkage to curriculum
Level A (Grade 1) Textbook subject Main learning materials
/ Auxiliary learning materials
of learning materials
Learning area linked
to the curriculum
Learning contents
by grade
No. 1 Number system Number tile connecting
number model
number bars
1-1-1 numbers from 9
1-1-5, numbers from 50
1-2-1, numbers from 100
Students understand
the concept of numbers from 0 to 100,
count and write them.
No. 2 Basic dimensional shapes Architecture block
triangular puzzle
1-1-2 various shapes
2-1-2 various figures
Students can observe various objects
around your life to find the shape
of a rectangular parallelepiped,
cylinder, and sphere.
No. 3 Basic addition Number tiles
1-1-3 addition and subtraction
1-2-2, 4 addition and subtraction
Students understand
the meaning of addition and subtraction
through real life where addition
and subtraction are involved.
No.4 Observing planar figures angram board
rhombus puzzle
1-2-3 various shapes
2-1-2 various shapes
Students can observe various objects
around your life to find the shapes
of triangles, squares, and circles,
and decorate various shapes using them.
No.5 Learning
about planar figures
Love-heart puzzle
Directive Logic
22-1-2 various shapes
3-2-3 circle
Students can distinguish lines
and generalize the shapes that are made.
No. 6 The basis of vision Model clock
pattern block
1-2-5 Looking at clock
and find rules
Students can read the time
to o’clock and hour and minutes
by looking at the clock.

""Creative Activity Mathematics""

that fosters children's dreams and talents


Creative Mathematical Journey optimized for after-school programs

online + offline

Available online and offline


Full curriculum available online with videos


Best mathematics lessons that use learning tools optimized
for the era with 1:1 class
Program overview

Learning age

3 stages of all grades
in elementary school, 36-month program

Learning concept

STEAM-type convergence mathematics that combines mathematics, science, and art
Improvedconfidence in mathematics with a sense of accomplishment through DIY output
Customized program for elementary school mathematics Mathematics in the center of everyday life

Scope of application

After-school program
Home-schooling and institutions
For special lessons at private educational institutions, library, and cultural learning centers
For adult lessons at Life-long Educational Facilities, etc.

Monthly set

1 Workbook (40p) + 1 set of mathematical learning aids for math curriculum + DIY output + board game + teacher's guide + online videos
Complete online classes

The beginning of the online era!

It presents new direction of education for the On-tact era.
The educational trend is changing rapidly.
We provide various types of teaching methods
so that students can easily adapt to changes.
Learning tools
textbooks + learning aids
(online + offline)
online learning
by videos
Summit Cometence Spectrum Core
Activity topic : Learning aids Activity topic : Learning aids Activity topic : Learning aids Activity topic : Learning aids
March Vol. 1-3 Mancala 2-3 Story Sudoku 3-3 Mosaic Tetris 4-3 Matchwood
Moving places following rules
: Mancala, number cards
Understanding the number
sensitivity and arithmetic
: Story sudoku
Spinning or flipping
: Mosaic Tetris, Rotating Graphs
Developing strategic thinking
: Matchwood, Dice, Rotating Graphs
April Vol. 1-4 Tangram Board 2-4 Tetra Tower 3-4 Computer numbers 4-4 Geoboard
Comparing sizes by shapes
: Tangram Board,
Snake Ladder Game, Scytale Rods
Number Concept and Stacking Towers
: Tetra Tower, Number Rods
Language of Computer 0 and 1
: Numbers of Computer, String ARt
The creation of geometric areas
: Geoboard, Bead Puzzle
May Vol. 1-5 Pattern Block 2-5 Matching Color 3-5 Geoboard 4-5 Treasure Island
Making patterns with shapes
: Pattern Block,
Double-sided Mirror, String Rule
Makers – Developing Creativity
: Matching Color Felt Polyhedron
Understanding convex polygon
: Geoboard, Nim Game. Pop Stick
Treasure Island
: Treasure Island, Golden Divider
June Vol. 1-6 Stacking Wood 2-6 Idea Soccer 3-6 Connecting Tube 4-6 Wood Coin
Placing by rules
: Stacking Wood, Wooden Puzzle
Understanding the rules
and multiplications
: Idea Soccer, Multiplication Table
Learning Polyomino Blocks
: Connecting Cubers (30),
Fraction Board (Plastic)
Drawing One Brush
: Wood Coin, Making
regular polyhedrons
July Vol. 1-7 Link and Code 2-7 Circular Fraction 3-7 Treasure Island 4-7 IQ Puzzle Lamp
Find Ring Rules
: Link and Code, Shape Clock
Learning numbers smaller than 1
: Circular Fraction, Colored-paper
Unplugged Coding
: Treasure Island, Periscope
Shapes by Pieces
: IQ Puzzle Lamp, Looking at
the section of dimensional shapes
August Vol. 1-8 Diabolique Cube 2-8 Ruler without a scale 3-8 Pentomino 4-8 Hanoi Tower
Developing spatial perception ability
: Diabolique Cube, Speed Five
Measuring length with
a ruler without a scale
: Ruler without a scale, magnet rod
Joint Division
: Pentomonio,
Minimum number of moves
: Hanoi Tower, Multi-sided die
September Vol. 1-9 Dominos 2-9 IQ Dot Board 3-9 Fast Way 4-9 Soma Cube
Understanding the number sensitivity
and arithmetics
: Dominos, Ruler of the Rabbit
and the Tortoise, EVA Basic Shape
Classifying by rules
: IQ Dot Board, EVA Basic Shapes
our arithmetic operations activity
: Fast Way, Rectangular
Pillar Pop-up Book
Top, Front and Side Images
: Soma Cube, Cylinder Pillar Pop-up Book,
Center of gravity chart
October Vol. 1-10 Zoetrope 2-10 Tetlight 3-10 Multimino 4-10 Puzzle Gram
Moving Illusion
: Zoetrope, 4D Cube, Center
of Gravity of Eagle
Time and Rules
: Tetlite, Energy Zero House
Quaternary and Cube
: Multimino, VR Box
Developing spatial perception
: Puzzle Gram, Hologram, Pop Stick
November Vol. 1-11 S-Color Board 2-11 Math and Astronomy 3-11 Sudoku 4-11 Fence-off
Understanding the Rules
: S-Color Board, Number OHP Card
Math and Astronomy
: Ames Room.
Cheomseongdae Making Kit,
Cheomseongdae Small Booklet
Rules of Number
: Sudoku
Rules of Lines and Faces
: Fence Off, Making a Double Polyhedron
December Vol. 1-12 Rhombus Puzzle 2-12 Mini-theater 3-12 Regular Width Figure 4-12 Measuring the Height of Pyramid
Planar and Stereoscopic Illusion
: Rhombus Puzzle, Juryeonggu
NIM Game and Strategy
: Mini Theater, Embassy Puzzle
ndersstanding Regular Figures
: Regular Width Cars,
Sphero Top, Multi-sided Die
Elevation of the Sun
: Measuring the Height of Pyramid,
Moving Cards, EVA Pentomino
January Vol. 1-1 Heart Snake 2-1 Code Name 3-1 Fraction Dominos 4-1 Hexiamond
Adding Creativity to Thinking
: Heart Snake, Number Tiles
Weight and Arithmetic
: Empty Card, Bone Observation Kits
Understanding the Sequence
: Fraction Dominos,
Permanent Calendar, Wooden Rod
Rebellion of Triangles
: Hexiamond, Cogwheel
February Vol. 1-2 Yutnori 2-2 Fraction Shape 3-2 Parcheesi 4-2 Wooden Puzzle
Probability of Throwing
: Yutnori, Spider Block
Adding Creativity
: Fraction Shape, Da Vin Ci Bridge
Developing Strategic Thinking
: Parcheesi, Mirror Cube
Hands-on Probability
: Yutnori, Wooden Puzzle
Set of learning materials
Designed each month’s front page with mathematicians
to provide time for students
to learn and understand mathematics.
This program supports one-stop administrative processing
by establishing an online system
for systematic education and concise processes
for creative school trip teachers
who are convenient for teachers and fun for children.
guide to self-directed learning for your kids

"Malang Mathematics"


Curriculum linked
to elementary mathematics


Textbooks designed for
self-directed learning

thinking &

development of
mathematical thinking and creativity


Providing Interest videos that interest you in learning
Program overview

Learning age

learning age: Age 7 – 9

Learning concepts

Creates interests in learning through videos
Learns mathematical concept by exploring learning aids.
Finds a mathematical story that children can explore in real life
Applies concepts from textbooks to mathematical ideas.
Wraps up their learning with strategic games.

Scope of application

After-school program
Home schooling and institutes
Private educational institutes
Libarary and cultural center
Curriculum Table of Contents
Connecting Number Shapes Tangram Board Mancala Stacking Wood Link and Code Pattern Block Dominos
1 Exploring
learning aids
learning aids
learning aids
learning aids
learning aids
learning aids
learning aids
2 Understanding quantity
and volume
Understanding quantity
and volume
Dividing numbers Comparing size Connecting rings 1 Filling shapes Origin of dominos
3 Shapes and numbers Shapes and numbers Collecting numbers Comparing length Making number shapes Making shapes Finding the position
of dominos
4 Measuring length Measuring length Bundle of numbers Drawing flags Connecting by rules Learning length units Sum and
differences of dominos 1
5 Comparing length Making a 4-piece shape Origin of Mancala Colored Sudoku Developing
observation skills
Length unit in sayings The Rabbit and
the Tortoise 1
6 Making a
4-piece shape
Adding and
dividing numbers
Odd numbers and
even numbers
Top, front and
side sections
Connecting rings 2 Making pieces
of patterns
Sum and
differences of dominos 2
7 Adding and
dividing numbers
Finding rules Mancala games Making
by rules 1
Measuring length Making word pattern Connecting dominos
8 Finding rules Finding color rules Number games Making by rules 2 Responding
to numbers and colors
Finding rules Finding rules
9 Finding
color rules
different shapes
Number 1 more
and 1 less
Finding rules 1 History of clock Making
symmetric shapes
basic shapes
1 Bingo game Finding rules
for pieces
Understanding orders Finding rules 2 Hour and minutes Making
various shapes
domino fence
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